No, It’s Not Magic — These 25 Products Just Work Really Well

If you didn't know, the spell for pasta stains on white t-shirts is this magical Messy Eaters spray.
A Baker's Edge brownie pan, a jar of cleaning paste The Pink Stuff, a locs refreshing spray and a TikTok-popular travel-friendly backpack from Amazon.

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A TikTok-popular spacious travel-friendly backpack
It also has a pocket for your shoes and a strap that slides down over your luggage handle for easy transport. Reviewers say it meets Spirit, JetBlue, American Airline, Alaskan Airline, Southwest, Delta, Frontier and United Airline's personal item rules and fits under airplane seats! It's available in three sizes and 26 colors.

Check it out on TikTok.

Promising review: "One bag handled a week of travel! This bag is like magic! I fit four pairs of shorts, four shirts, underwear, socks and couple of workout outfits with sports bras, two pairs of sandals, four bathing suits, a coverup, sun hat, toiletries, cosmetics, a laptop, notebook, three device chargers (computer, phone and Fitbit) and an electric toothbrush. Even when packed to the max, the weight is comfortably distributed so it doesn’t break your back. It fits under the seat perfectly, too. I bought it when it a was 50% off but I’d pay full price knowing how awesome this bag is for travel." — AlexanderK
A padded wire-free push-up bra with adjustable drawstrings
It's available in band sizes 32-40, cup sizes A-D and 11 colors.

Promising reviews:
"I have breastfed two kids and have the ✨iconic✨ bottom-heavy boobs. I am a 34D, I bought this in a 36C (sister size) and it fits like it was made for me. My boobs usually look and fit best in a balconette or shelf style bra, but baby…this bra right here is absolutely stunning. NO gapping at the top, even without tying the ribbon. It is wireless but has a nice, wide band that keeps everything up and where you want it. The material is buttery soft, no weird seams or itchy straps. 10/10 in my book! It came with an extender, though I don’t need it, but it is a nice touch. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it!" — Kayla Harrison

"I don't know what type of magic was cast on this bra but it made my boobs look amazing!! I normally sit somewhere between an A and B cup and have never known a day of cleavage in my entire life but THIS BRA DID WONDERS!!!! I now have the confidence to wear low-cut shirts and dresses without looking completely flat chested and I feel so good about myself in this bra!! I will be purchasing another one soon!" — Anonymous
And a pair of seamless Nippies silicone pasties
It's available in five shades, a lifting option and two sizes: one that fits cups A-C and one that fits cups D+.

Promising review:
"I’ve tried so many nipple covers over the years and these are just in a league of their own! They stick and don’t move (sweat, clothes, moisturizer etc — nothing budges them) but then they also peel off so easily. It’s magic. They are completely seamless and my husband (without prompting) said they looked like a second skin on. I’ve got quite 'triangular' boobs and they completely mold to the shape and look like I just have no nipples lol. Only when I’m suuuuuper cold do any level of nipple start to show through and even then it’s minimal. They’re more pricey than others I’ve bought before but so worth it. The others were one and done — these have held up through several wears and are still in perfect condition. Will repurchase as soon as they wear out without a doubt! No more bras!" — Alison
Reusable silicone baking liners
They're also more eco-friendly than the paper ones and you won't have to keep throwing your money away on more and more liners. They're available as a set of 12 or 24.

Promising reviews:
"I've only made one batch of muffins with them so far, but I love this product already! The muffins came out really easily and didn't leave much on the silicone. The liners hold their shape; so they could probably even be used without a muffin pan. And my 20-month-old enjoys playing with them while I'm not baking!" — Brian G.

"Bought these on a whim but I’m glad I did. Nice quality, vibrant colors, oh and the best part — food doesn’t stick! Ever! Any food!! It’s magic. I've used these for dessert baking with sticky caramelized sugars, entree baking with crisped doughs, and so many mini-quiches. Doesn’t matter what I throw in them, the food pops right out without having to add any additional non-stick solutions. Don’t have a dishwasher so can’t comment on long term abuse durability but they hand wash in a jiffy." — NorthCoastChick
A jar of cleaning paste The Pink Stuff
Your jaw will be on the floor once you see what this magical cleaning potion can do.

Promising review:
"This stuff is some magic sorcery. I’m not usually a fan of traditional cleaning products and tend to opt for natural based cleaners. However, I had some soot over the fire place nothing would take off. Not only did it do a pretty dang good job on that…everything I’ve tried it on has gotten that item super clean with minimal scrubbing effort. Will always have on hand now. Got hard water stains off when CRL wouldn’t even get it clean and made the faucet look brand-new." — Kim Montero
A sleep-training clock
When the clock is red it means your kiddo should still be in bed, and once it turns green it means that they can get up and run wild as they usually do. It's available in four colors.

Watch this parent share why this sleep trainer is one of their "best parenting hacks" in this TikTok.

Promising review: "Magically helped my 3-year-old go to sleep. I don't know how it works, but since we started using this thing, my 3-year-old no longer throws a fit at bed time. We say 'ok, the clock is telling us to sleep now,' and she just...goes to bed. It's a total game changer to the crying, screaming meltdowns we had before. She enjoys the noise machine function as well, and though we still have a few wake ups here and there throughout the night, there's way less fuss with them. Then she knows in the morning not to start asking for us to let her out until the clock says 'wake up time' by smiling with eyes open. I have no idea why this thing works, but it does. Totally worth the reduced aggravation every night!!!!" — Mimi
A TikTok-beloved deep-pore cleansing foam
This also helps soothe any inflammation, and because it's packed with TRIPLE hyaluronic acid, your skin will get the ultimate hydration.

Promising review
: "I'm not gonna lie, I saw this on TikTok and jumped on the bandwagon! If you're debating if it's worth the hype, BUY IT!! I have always had one very large pore on my under-eye/cheek area next to my nose. I bought this hoping it would just help improve my overall skin journey and maaannnn...I will never use anything else! I do use the Anua Pore Control Cleansing Oil first and then use this cleanser after and have noticed a HUGE improvement! My extra-large pore has shrunk three times its size, and I've noticed it's helped pull extra gunk from the pores in my nose that I didn't even know was there! My skin feels so clean after using it!" — Molly Martinez
A Baker's Edge brownie pan for any edge piece lover
No more fighting over the good pieces, because every piece will be a good one. This also comes with a spatula.

Baker's Edge is a Shark Tank approved small business that specializes in baking products.

You can also use this baby for other things! One reviewer even made pizza in theirs.

Promising review: "Yes, brownies are so much better in this pan, no more fighting over edges. But the real revolution for us is meatloaf. Every slice has crispy edges, and this is far easier to clean than a muffin pan, which was how we made meatloaf before. Love this pan, and bought one for a gift right after getting ours. Will gift it again in the future." — Seano
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
A "flossing toothbrush" with two layers of bristles — regular firm bristles and longer ones that are 10 times thinner for hard-to-reach spots
It'll get all up in your gum lines and between teeth to help break up plaque and get rid of any food and residue. This includes a set of four.

Mouthwatchers is a small business established by Ronald Plotka, DDS, that specializes in toothbrushes designed to get deeper cleans even patients with "great" dental hygiene might miss with traditional brush and floss routines.

Promising reviews: "What the what?! How can a manual toothbrush make my mouth feel so good? I bought a pack of these because I had an infection and wanted to use something else instead of my automatic one (the brush heads for that thing are expensive). The first time I brushed with this, it really did feel like I just got back from the dentist. My mouth felt soooo clean — cleaner than when I use my expensive automatic one. I gave my husband one to use because I was so impressed and now he uses one too. It's magic." — Karebear

"Since switching to these toothbrushes, my dental appointments have been a breeze.My teeth are cleaner, my gums are healthier than they've ever been, and my dentist wanted to know my secret. I told him and his staff about these magical toothbrushes! Thank you for creating such a life-changing product that I am 100% sold on!" — Cricket Windsong
A bottle of Miss Mouth's Messy Eater stain treating spray
Carpets, linens, clothes and upholstery stains have zero chance against this stuff. Plus, it's perfect for your messy little one who stains absolutely everything they wear.

Promising reviews:
"I’m not sure what kind of wizardry this is, but on Halloween, my friends little girl laid down on one of my faux fur Pottery Barn pillows with hairspray-dyed hot pink hair. The dye transferred to my white pillow and I thought for sure it was ruined. I researched for a few days to find something that might work so the stain set in for several days. I ordered this based on some videos I saw on TikTok, and all I did was dampen the pillow, saturated the stain with the spray, and the stain literally disappeared before my eyes. I don’t know what magic is at work, but I am buying five more bottles of this. 14/10 I am rarely amazed with products but this is 100% legit." — DK

"I love this stuff, it's magic for everything from diaper blow outs, to magic marker, to chocolate milk stains. I can't think of a stain that I have not been able to remove yet!" — Amanda Kelbaugh
A glowy foundation by E.l.f.
It's available in 12 shades.

Promising review:
"So, I decided to give the E.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter a whirl, hoping to turn my skin from 'dull daily routine' to 'divine radiance'. Spoiler alert: I'm now glowing so much, I might start guiding lost ships at sea. The texture is smoother than my dance moves on a Saturday night. It’s lightweight, and blending it into my skin was easier than my decision to hit snooze every morning. It left my skin feeling like it had just had a spa day – hydrated, happy, and slightly confused about being treated so well. This liquid filter promises a glowing, soft-focus effect, and let me tell you, it delivers. I looked in the mirror and thought, 'Who is she, and how can I keep her around?' It's like having an Instagram filter in a bottle, minus the digital manipulation and existential crisis. You can wear it alone, mix it with foundation, or apply it as a highlighter. It's like the Swiss Army knife of makeup, but please don't take it camping. Considering it turns my complexion from 'meh' to 'miraculous' without requiring a small loan, I'd say it's good value for the money. Overall, the e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter is like a magic wand for your face. It gives a natural, radiant glow that says, 'I drink enough water and get eight hours of sleep' even if your lifestyle screams the opposite. Highly recommend if you want to look like you're glowing with health, or if you just enjoy pretending you have your life together." — christina l.
A five-pack of beauty sponges
They're available in seven color combos.

Promising reviews:
"Closest thing to magic I have ever seen with my own eyes. These sponges are ahhhhhh-mazing. So amazing that I have been handing them out like hot cakes so every one I'm close to can try them (I now have to order more because I gave them all away). So far, they all agree that these sponges are the way to go, especially because they're a fair price. Five sponges for $9.99. I can afford that. Thanks, BEAKEY!!!!!" — Elena

"These are seriously the BEST generic makeup sponges!! Why anyone would pay $20 for a name brand Beauty Blender when there are excellent alternatives like these is beyond my realm of comprehension. These are just as soft, bouncy, and absorbent (but not overly so, as to waste product) as the name brand. And they cost a little over $1 a piece, in comparison to the AT LEAST $20 price tag on the name brand Beauty Blenders! This is a total no-brainer! I find washing my makeup sponges to be a pain so at this price, they’re pretty much disposable. This is the fourth or fifth package of these I’ve purchased and I hope they never stop making them at this cost cuz i’ll buy this brand til the end of time, if they let me!" — philip
A set of two reusable terra-cotta brown sugar saver discs
Because whenever you decide you want sweet potatoes for dinner, you open up your canister of brown sugar and realize that it's rock solid. Just soak this in water, pat it dry and throw it into the container. You can also use this for baked goods, bagels, cake, cookies, marshmallows and dried fruit to keep them soft and keep moisture in.

You can also use this to keep moisture out of spices, salt, crackers, chips and other pantry goods by simply baking the discs at 200 degrees for 5-10 minutes.

Promising reviews: "Okay, where has this been all of my life? I put one disc in my big, massive bag of brown sugar that I got from Costco and its been a month at least and my sugar is still so soft like I just opened a brand new bag! love it!!!" — Diana Prunean

"My brown sugar was so hard I had to use a knife to break it apart enough to get it into my container. I followed the directions for the brown sugar saver and just like magic, my brown sugar is light and fluffy! Since it came in a two-pack, I am giving one to my daughter! What an amazing product!!" — Kimberly Evanson
A jar of Brazilian Bum Bum body cream
Over 35,000 people rated this stuff 5-stars and some reviewers even just use it as a perfume. Yeah, it smells that good.

Promising reviews:
"Y'all. This stuff smells like heaven. Somehow this scent is appropriate for summer and winter at the same time. It absorbs quickly with no sticky feelings afterward. The one thing that might deter some people from buying it is that there is a shimmer to it. Once I've used it on my hands, I notice that in sunlight, my skin has a bit of a glimmer. I personally love this and can't wait to use this lotion during the summer. I think it's 100% worth the high price tag. When I can summon up the will to spend the money, I'll be buying the body wash, spray, and full-size lotion as well but for now, the mini lotion stays in my purse." — Elizabeth

"Best body lotion I've ever tried. This stuff is magic! It smells amazing, lasts for the entire day, doesn't feel greasy, and goes on smoothly. I will definitely be reordering!" — Skittles 79
A dual temperature comforter
With this baby, everybody wins. No more two blankets in bed, just one comforter that's absolute perfection for everyone. It's available in two sizes and four colors.

Promising review:
"Magic for couples. This comforter is what we’ve always needed. My husband and I are always tangled in blankets because I need more but yet they always end up on his side. This comforter provides an all in one solution that keeps me warm and him cool and our bedroom looking calm and zen." — Hannah
A loc refreshing spray
If your scalp has been dry and itchy lately, this'll be your holy grail hair product. It also works for protective styles like braids and twists.

Locsanity is a black-owned small business that specializes in hair care products for dreadlocks.

Promising reviews: "Ooooooooweeee this is black magic in a bottle. I feel every drop moisturizing and rehydrating my hair." Trevon Slaughter

"This spray does all it advertises and smells great! As soon as I spray this on my roots, the itchiness disappears immediately. It’s a great daily moisturizer that doesn’t dry the hair out and works ALL day. It’s also not creamy or heavy, so no buildup and it’s amazing for treating dandruff. My only complaint is that I wish I had more! 10/10, and I’d recommend this for anyone who has locs and needs something in between washes." — Amazon Customer
A genius Tineco two-in-one cordless vacuum and mop
It retains 90% of dirty water to get your floors clean and dry in minutes, and it always uses clean water for mopping by keeping the dirty water in a separate tank. It also self-propels so you just need to steer, no hard pushing. It's available in three versions.

Promising review: "I confess I can be a lackadaisical housekeeper, which is problematic, since my new dog sheds enough in a week for me to build an entire new dog. What's worse, vacuuming doesn't pick up a lot of his fur. This Tineco is magic, though. Not only does it pick everything up (dust, fur, hair, crumbs, Nature's Miracle, errant Cheerios), but because the wheels are motorized, vacuuming/mopping is a breeze. I get exhausted using my canister vac, but this thing is a blast to use. Here is what I've learned: I always use the 'extra water' feature, which seems to work better. I clean the dirty water holder and parts every time I empty it, and I run the self-clean cycle after every second emptying session. This means I can do my primary bath and my 10x12 TV room before self cleaning and recharging for a little bit. Or I can do my kitchen and entryway and hall before self cleaning, or my living room. In other words, you're not going to do your whole house on one battery charge or without running the self cleaning feature several times. Of course, the reason you have to run the self cleaning so often is because this little beauty is picking up So. Much. Stuff. It's magic. If it broke tomorrow (and I don't think it will break for a very long time) I would buy another." — Tsippi
CeraVe Retinol Serum with encapsulated retinol
And remember, like with any retinol, do not use this every day. Pay attention to your skin, start slow and work yourself up if needed.

Promising review: "This product is magic in bottle!!! I have been struggling to find a good skincare routine that will remove my acne scars and remove dark spots on my face. I will forever buy this product! I’ve only been using this for two weeks and noticed a huge difference right away! I am so excited to clean my face in the morning and night now! I also bought the Cerave hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream and they have been amazing as well! CeraVe is the best! Don’t think twice about this product just buy it!!!" — mallory brook bravo
A piercing bump solution
Before you totally ditch your new piercing, let this little potion help heal and reduce the size of your keloid.

This product does not promise to work overnight. Apply this daily two to three times a day as long as needed. Be sure to be patient as the healing process takes time.

Talk to your doctor before attempting to treat your keloid on your own, and learn more about keloids from Cleveland Clinic.

I bought this. Last year I got a dermal piercing on my chest and since literally just about every piercing I've ever gotten has grown a keloid on it, I should have known my dermal would eventually, too. I got the piercing in February of 2023 and around May I noticed a nasty, stubborn little bump making a guest appearance on my piercing. I had written about this stuff a few times so the light bulb went off and I immediately bought it. I consistently used it twice a day and it gradually disappeared, literally like magic within a month. Keloids are a serious nightmare and I'm so glad that I found this stuff. I even accidentally ripped it out in November and immediately grabbed this to prevent a keloid from forming because I just knew it'd get infected. To my surprise, no keloid. You do have to be patient and consistent, this is NOT an overnight miracle but it's worth it. I also suggest that you continue to use it for like another week or two even after your keloid goes away just in case it tries to sneak back into your life. I haven't had issues with my piercing since and no more have grown.
Two pairs of gel-based foot pads
These'll help give your feet some relief. They're available in three colors.

Promising review:
"Works well, great design, and superb comfort. The package had two sets. The adhesive held well to the insole of my shoe and lasted through the event I needed to try to survive. I am NOT a regular heel wearer because they're usually so uncomfortable, but these little magic insoles made the evening much smoother and more enjoyable for my feetsies, and I didn't ditch my expensive heels in the corner midway through the evening and run barefoot — as I usually do. I'll be purchasing additional sets for my other heels!" — Katie Gates
The Wonderskin lip stain
It's available in 15 shades.

Promising reviews: "I kept seeing Wonder Blading Lip videos on my TikTok. Went to Sephora and couldn’t believe they didn’t have it. Wound up buying it on Amazon and loving it!" — PM

"IDK what kind of magic is in this but it is the best lip stain I’ve ever used. I’ve done makeup for 14 years and I’m so impressed with this product. If you’re not comfortable making a clean line with a liquid product and a gloss applicator, I encourage some practice rounds with a similar applicator, but damn. The coverage is great, it was easy as heck to use and peel off, and there is ZERO transfer. I give this product an absolute 10/10, would recommend to everyone I know." — Tyler
A self-cleaning grooming brush
So how does the self-cleaning part work? Just push the button on the side and the bristles will retract so you can easily toss all that pet hair right into the trash.

Promising reviews:
"A dog brush that I don't have to pick dog hair out of...At first I thought this was some form of dark wizardry. But I don't care because this is awesome!" — Madd.Sweet

"I've spent hundreds of dollars on toys, treats, houses, scratchers, etc for my cats. This is hands down, not even close, the best money I've ever spent! I got so much fur off them, and they loved it! They are looking so sleek and shiny, and they are rolling around like kittens they feel so fresh and happy. My cats are still young (all ages four and under) so they were pretty well groomed to begin with. I couldn't believe how many knots and snags were hiding in their fur. The whole time I was brushing them, they were purring and rubbing all over me trying to get more. The self cleaning feature is so easy!! A click of a button and all the hair falls off. The brush itself is bigger than what I anticipated. I thought my cats would be afraid of it but once they figured out what was happening, they weren't at all. I got the original brush which I thought would probably feel good (like a good back scratch!) And I was right. They loved it." — Samantha
A Youthforia BYO Blush Oil liquid blush
Jordan Grigsby/BuzzFeed
Jordan Grigsby/BuzzFeed
Packed with oils and ingredients meant to help hydrate and protect your skin, you can even sleep in this stuff.

Promising review: "Obsessed. The color matching is magical. I love how it leaves my skin hydrated and glowing, it lasts all day too." — Amazon Customer
Drywall repair putty
It also works its magic on bigger cracks. Simply swipe it on, dust off the excess to smooth it out and then paint over it.

Promising review:
"This is so much easier to use than a spackling paste. As soon as I opened it, I tried it on a recent nail hole. Now I can't remember where it was because the product made the hole disappear!! Magic!" — Deb Christenson
An O'Keeffe's nighttime lip mask
Promising review: "When I travel, my lips get so chapped! It's painful. I found this product when I searched for something for extremely chapped lips. I've used other O'Keeffe's products so I trusted the brand. I used this as directed in the morning and before bed and my lips healed up faster than ever. Also, on the next trip I went on, I took it with me and used it daily. My lips stayed healthy and didn't get chapped at all. This stuff is magic and I won't go anywhere without it now." — Anna C. Adams

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