Effects and Effects

Just came back from the dentist and the removal of a tooth and root and four stitches after which the dentist said "here, fill this prescription, it's an antibiotic" and my immediate reaction was,"Uh-uh! Can't take it, really bad side effects." Those two words "side effects" stuck in my brain and started it dancing. Have you any idea how many side effects we live with and never think about?

Here are just a few:

The side effects of eating.
The side effects of smoking.
The side effects of marriage.
The side effects of divorce.
The side effects of friendships.
The side effects of lies.
And let's not forget politics.
And there are many more.

But for me the best side effect of living 93 years is feeling good, liking who I am and loving this incredible long journey. There is no future and no past. So just "being" is a pretty good side effect of living. So let's just think about the good side effects of living, starting with that guy you have lived with all your life, your body. That guy who talks to you constantly. That guy who gives you everything to live for, your body, and the good side effects that come when you respond. Mentally and physically with no excuses, no minuses. No hesitation. Now you will be astonished at all the good side effects. It's called getting up out of that chair and into the God-given air we all take for granted. Just as we all take for granted our amazing machine that wants and demands to be used and loved. Ninety-three is only a number, but a beautiful number when experienced with love, energy and trust.

There's a trophy to be had, but it doesn't come without work and -- surprisingly enough -- joy. So we need desperately to like ourselves. Then and only then can we like what we do. Then and only then can living have good side effects.

Nothing is perfect, but it can always be better. Don't get me wrong, I love side effects, good and bad. They teach us and we learn from them. We can't live without them. We should listen and respond to them just as we should listen and respond to our amazing first instrument -- our body.

I like my life that should be a given for everyone, but one has to be open to all of its wonders that want to be ignited. It's possible to find the embers and light the flame of creativity. By creativity I mean find the outlet that brings you joy and a rich life. Part of the side effect is longevity and if we accept the challenge, it can be good longevity. Listening to my first instrument is the best and only way to enjoy the journey.

Birthdays are meaningless, unless you're living each and every minute in the moment. That's living in the present. So let's open the gates and welcome all the side effects. Good and bad. Can't live without them.

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