The Egg Gadgets That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

We all deserve a little ease with our breakfast.

There are way too many kitchen gadgets on the market these days. Most of them are things we never need. Some are things we could use, but they’d just sit in our kitchen drawers taking up space. And then there are the ones that we didn’t know we needed so badly until we got them.

Those are the cooking tools we have for you today. And not just any gadgets, but gadgets that will help you cook better eggs.

We have found gadgets that’ll make perfect poached eggs, help you eat soft boiled eggs like a pro, and for making the perfect breakfast sandwich. While no one needs this countertop contraption that separately cooks all the elements of a breakfast sandwich for you ― that is, after all, what a skillet is for ― an egg ring is a nice touch to making a great egg sandwich at home. We have that for you below.

Without further ado, here are the cooking tools you actually should get to make your mornings easier and full of great eggs.

Egg Poacher Cups
Yes, you can just drop eggs into a pot of water to poach them but these egg cups will drastically simplify your life -- and you'll get perfect poached eggs every time. Amazon reviewers have said things like, "These little things are so amazing" and "these fun little egg poacher cups are the bomb." We really can't argue with that.

You can get Silicone Egg Poacher Cups on Amazon for $9.97
Egg Cracker
If you want a perfect soft-boiled egg experience, you should probably invest in an egg cracker so you don't destroy your egg when trying to crack off the top with a spoon.

Get the Eparé Egg Cracker Topper Set from Amazon for $19.95
Egg Timer
If we have to explain to you why this is a good idea, we give up.

Get the Norpro Egg Time from Amazon for $6.98
Egg Spoons
Grapefruits have their own spoons, why shouldn't eggs? Digging into a soft cooked egg is a delicate operation -- one that some spoons are perfectly designed for.

Get the Endurance Egg Spoons from Amazon $7.16
Egg Rings
If you want a perfectly round egg for breakfast sandwiches, you need an egg ring (or onion slices). And trust us, you want a perfectly round egg because it makes the breakfast experience just a little bit nicer. Amazon reviewers have said, "These rings can be used in so many different ways; they can be used for breakfast sandwiches, small omelettes, desserts, Benedict eggs, egg muffins, burger patties, poached eggs and much more."

Get the Ozera 4 Pack Nonstick Silicone Egg Ring from Amazon for $7.99
Microwave Egg Poacher
If you didn't know you could poach your eggs in the microwave, today is your lucky day. You can, you should, and this nifty egg holder just makes it a little bit easier.

Get the Nordic Microwave Egg Poacher from Amazon for $5.68
Egg Cooker
We know what you're going to say: why should I buy an egg cooker when I have a pot and know how to boil water? We hear you. But hear this: over 1,800 people have reviewed this egg cooker on Amazon and it has been rated over 4 stars. Folks, this might not be necessary for cooking eggs but it is loved because it makes perfect hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached eggs and omelets with ease. Talk about a morning savior.

Get the Krups Egg Cooker from Amazon for $29.99