Jeffrey Epstein's "Sweetheart" Plea Deal, Embarrassing Deposition (VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT)

UPDATE 9/18: (Scroll down for video of Epstein's embarrassing deposition.)

Epstein's secret plea deal on his original criminal teenage prostitution charges has been unsealed, reports the Palm Beach Post. (Scroll down to read the entire document). Epstein, of course, had more than enough money to spend on his legal fees.

Did Epstein buy himself a sweetheart deal? Here's the Palm Beach Post:

Former Circuit Judge Bill Berger, who represents one of the victims, and The Palm Beach Post sought the unsealing of the agreement. Berger refers to it as a "sweetheart deal."

"Why was it so important for the government to make this deal?" Berger asked rhetorically. "We have not yet had honest explanation by any public official as to why it was made .. and why the victim's were sold down the river."

Former federal prosecutor Ryon McCabe described the agreement as "very unorthodox." Such agreements, he said, are usually reserved for corporations, not individuals.

ORIGINAL POST: Disgraced money manager - and former Bill Clinton associate - Jeffrey Epstein appeared at a rather memorable deposition earlier this month (Hat tip to Cityfile).

Epstein was there because he's facing a claim from a 15-year-old girl who says, among other things, that Epstein promised to pay her $200 for a massage. Epstein recently got out of jail six months early after receiving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to procuring teenage girls for prostitution.

In the deposition, Epstein faces what might be the mother-of-all-ice-breakers. The opposing counsel asks: "Is it true that you have what's been described as an egg-shaped penis?"

WATCH the awkwardness for yourself:

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