How To Make An Egg White Omelet Actually Taste Good

It's entirely possible, we promise.

Egg white omelets don't have the best reputation; entire articles have been written begging folks to stop ordering them altogether. The sentiment is not unfounded. More often than not, an egg white omelet is a bland, rubbery, sad excuse for a breakfast, but not always. Those depressing egg white omelets were made without enthusiasm for the meal at hand. There is a way to make egg white omelets actually taste good, and we're going to share it with you.

A note before we get started: you can't be scared of adding a little fat back into it. We understand that egg white omelet consumers are typically looking to eat healthier, but adding some fat back into the dish in the form of cheese and oil will not entirely negate this effort -- and it will make eating one a much more enjoyable experience.

Here's how to make an egg white omelet great:

1. Whisk, whisk, whisk. You might think you don't have to stir as intensely as a regular omelet because the mixture is already homogenized, but this just isn't so. Whisking egg whites adds air, which is the secret to a soft, fluffy omelet.

2. Keep stirring. Once the eggs are cooking over low heat in the skillet, keep stirring with a wooden spoon. You want to incorporate the cooked curds with the runny parts of the egg for an even omelet. This helps ensure even cooking and lessens the chance of a dried-out omelet.

3. Add in some fat. Cook the egg whites in a flavorful fat, such as coconut oil, olive oil or butter -- a little bit will go a long way here. Stirring in a flavor-boosting cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino is another great way to add fat back in, but without the levels of cholesterol that scare people away from egg yolks.

4. Don't forget to add some tasty toppings. Think of the omelet as a blank canvas and get creative. Pickled jalapenos, fresh herbs, sprouts -- there are many fresh options to choose from that can add a lot of flavor to your healthy breakfast.

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