Chicken Lays Egg Without A Shell (PHOTOS)

Of all oddities in the animal kingdom, egg defects are among the most intriguing. Perhaps it's because the chicken egg is so ubiquitous that these eccentricities strike us not only as different, but strange and frightening. Which is why the shell-less chicken egg below, photographed by a Reddit user, is so interesting.

"My chicken laid an egg without a shell," wrote user Warlach. "It only got weirder from there..."

It's unclear exactly what's going on in the Reddit user's picture, but according to poultry resource The Poultry Site, eggs with very thin shells or no shells at all occur between .5 to 6 percent of the time. They're often produced by young domestic hens, particular ones that have matured early.

Previously, we've gawked over double-yoked eggs, oversized eggs and eggs inside other eggs. We have a feeling other weird eggs are out there.