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Marissa Sebastian, Disney Retail Associate, Moisturizes With A Homemade Egg Yolk Facial Mask

We're suckers for a bold red lip (and bright accessories), so of course we were drawn to Marissa Sebastian's winter beauty look.

The Disney retail associate told us that lips are her favorite. "Whatever color is there, I'll try! My favorite shades now are pinks and reds because fall colors tend to be darker, and I just want to go with the brightest color possible to stand out. This red from L.A Colors is my weakness," says Sebastian.

Besides sporting an amazing red lipstick, Sebastian was also flaunting some seriously stunning skin. Her secret? A DIY egg yolk facial mask.

Sebastian explains, "I use it a lot and it makes my skin really glowy and soft. Once you get over the fact that you're putting egg on your face... just whip it up really well and apply to your face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it hardens and then gently rinse off with warm water, gentle soap and a washcloth. It's great for moisturizing your skin."

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Beauty Street Style: Marissa Sebastian

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