17 Twists On The Classic Eggs Benedict Recipe

Breakfast has never looked this good.

Eggs Benedict represents everything we should not be eating in the mornings. It's a decadent stack of Canadian bacon, poached eggs and English muffin that gets generously doused in a buttery, rich hollandaise sauce; it's no wonder that Eggs Benedict one of the best-tasting dishes you can find on a breakfast menu. Anywhere.

While we love the classic version of this dish, there are many variations that are worth trying too. Replacing the pork with salmon lightens it up a bit, swapping the English muffin for a biscuit makes it even more decadent, and adding guacamole is never, ever a bad idea. Whichever direction you choose to go, you can't go wrong with the 17 eggs Benedict recipes we've gathered for you below.

Country Style Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict Recipes

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