Brownie In An Eggshell Recipe

We like brownies a lot. We like them so much that we recently made an homage to the most beautiful brownies on the web. We eat them plain, with layers, topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, anything. The charms of a brownie are hard to resist, unless it's cooked inside an eggshell (our immediate reaction: ew!).

Whether an eggshell brownie looks delicious or suspicious to you, one thing it definitely incites is intrigue. You might not want to eat it (or maybe you do) but you probably want to know how it's done. La Receta de la Felicidad, a food blogger, shows us how with in-depth instructions (which you need since, after all, you're cooking something inside an egg shell). For a quick gist, this is how it works: You make a small hole in the top with a cork screw, dump the contents of the egg, clean the shells in cold water (thoroughly please), grease (carefully), fill with brownie batter and bake in muffin tin.

Sure, it's pretty cool that you can bake something inside of an eggshell -- you'll definitely get brownie points (hardy har har) for presentation. But just because something can be done, does it mean it should? Let us know in the comments below.