Eggspressos Are The Most Caffeinated Way To Celebrate Easter

THIS will get your heart hoppin'. 🐰

Here's the most eggcellent invention we've seen in a while.

The eggspresso is essentially a hollowed-out chocolate egg (Cadbury, if you know what's up) filled with hot, steamy, robust espresso. Made popular this week by Australia's Karvan Coffee, it's a melty, gooey delight that looks like something you should probably only ingest once a year:

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The eggspresso "is like a mocha on steroids," said Fleur Cassidy, owner of Karvan Coffee. Her family-run roastery has published an eggspresso how-to so coffee fiends can make the creation at home. If you don't have an espresso machine, we imagine regular ol' coffee would fill the egg just fine.

A number of shops in Perth will be selling eggspressos over the weekend, Cassidy said, and Instagram turns up shops from Copenhagen to Brisbane that have featured them, as well. Try making your own to complement an eggcellent Easter brunch. (And remember: Chocolate is actually good for you in moderation!)

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Learn more about how to DIY the eggspresso with Karvan Coffee's tutorial:

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