The Eggstractor Cannot Possibly Work, As Confirmed By Amazon Reviews (VIDEO)

If you've made deviled eggs anytime in the recent past, you know that every egg is different.

Recently, we put our foot down on stupid egg separators going too far. In our research for that, we came across something so ridiculous, so mind-numbingly unlikely to work, that we knew we had to talk about it all on its own. Meet the Eggstractor, a tool designed to extract hard-boiled eggs from their shells with air pressure alone.

If you've made deviled eggs anytime in the recent past, you know that every egg is different -- some shells slip off with ease, while some seem to be designed as some kind of kitchen stress test. If you watch the Eggstractor commercial below and think to yourself, "this cannot possibly work," we're with you.

Our favorite part is when the test model shoves through an egg that is clearly mangled, then slides it carefully across the counter and onto the plate to conceal its imperfections. You guys couldn't get another take? Or worse, what if they got multiple takes and they were all as pock-marked as the first?

To see what the people think of this device, we took to one of the most reliably honest and predictably infuriated information points there is -- the comments section on Amazon. Some of the choicest reviews:

Out of 11 eggs:

* 3 came out with half of the shell still on.

* 8 basically exploded into anywhere from 4 to a dozen pieces, all with the shell still on the whites. -- Nicolle

Then there's the Eggstractor part, or as we like to call it: our Eggsploder. First, if you have arthritis or any other joint ailment, or if you lack the upper body strength of a WWW wrestler, then you will have trouble with the Eggstractor.

... Then, if you're lucky, out will pop your egg but don't be surprised if you only see the yolk. Yup, the pressure is so great that the yolk will literally separate from the egg. -- L.C. Parks

The only positive I can possibly think of is that is was like a puzzle I was trying to solve, but unfortunately never could. -- Thomas J. Schmidt III

I'd never recommend this product for anything other than a science experiment ... something like "is a cold exploded egg harder to clean up than a hot one?" -- Gail Shendelman "Pampered Chef Guru"

You can get the Eggstractor on Amazon, from $17.00 and up. But seriously, don't.

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