Egypt Will Be Calmed Only Through Democracy and by Adopting a Modern Understanding of Islam

People having faith in democracy, regardless of their views, ideologies or political tendencies must show their reaction to this step backward in Egypt and not remain silent to it. The contrary would be nothing but a worldwide betrayal of democracy.
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It is a historical fact that dictatorships and military coups have never benefited humanity in any period of history. No matter what its origin may be, a coup is a mortal wound to democracy; it can in no way have any legitimacy or justifications; it cannot be allowed. No matter what flaws they may have or errors they may have committed, governments coming to power through democratic elections must be advised in a civilized manner by mediators and through mutual meetings within the framework of democratic provisions of law. Thus, people having faith in democracy, regardless of their views, ideologies or political tendencies must show their reaction to this step backward in Egypt and not remain silent to it. The contrary would be nothing but a worldwide betrayal of democracy.

Any support that may be provided to such a coup will also set a bad example to other communities, and the harmful consequences and its repercussions will probably reach even to the Western countries. There have been attempted coups in France, as well as a history of violent rebellion in Germany and sociopolitical instability in the USA and Britain.

In Egypt, the detention of President Morsi and members of his party and government officials and subjecting them to administrative restriction is bereft of any legal and legitimate grounds. There is no explanation in taking away the freedom of people arbitrarily and without any justification. They should be released forthwith and this should be made a priority for democratic nations throughout the world.

In order to correct the current situation in Egypt, it is vital to hold elections as soon as possible, in a month or so, and to make up for the interruption of democracy. It must be ensured that Morsi, who received 52 percent of the votes of Egyptian people, enters the elections without facing any problems. Otherwise, replacing the legitimately elected Morsi with a person who is not supported by a majority of the people would be a shameful state of affairs, both for that person himself and for democracy. Besides, opening fire on people performing prayers is certainly an act of madness, savagery and villainy, which has no justification. If such intervention with arms and violence are retaliated for in the same way, then the security situation in Egypt will disintegrate rapidly.

At this point two fundamental conditions appear for Egypt to get rid of this deadlock: First, these arbitrary detentions and lawlessness must come to an immediate end and democratic elections be held as soon as possible. Secondly, the Egyptian society, in terms of its social mindset, its administration and social structure, must rid itself of fanaticism.

The fanatical mindset based on sources other than the Koran and superstitions -- which are prevalent not only in Egypt but throughout the Middle East -- is wrongfully understood as Islam. This bigotry is totally at odds with the essence of Islam and the spirit of the Koran. And it is the only reason why the Islamic world today is far removed from arts, science and technology and is backward. Therefore, there are perfectly legitimate grounds for Morsi to give countenance to arts, beauty and aesthetics. The Muslim Brotherhood should be exemplary by being extremely modern, providing for everyone to dress in a stylish, clean and high quality manner, allowing youngsters to listen to music and rejoice. Freedoms will be serving for religion, because religion develops in an atmosphere of liberty. The measure of a political movement that emerges in the name of Islam must be the love, compassion, justice and democracy advised in the Koran, and definitely not a fanatical mindset. It is vitally important to instill the spirit of love and respect in society, to embrace people from all views, movements, religions and faiths, and to show meticulous attention to their rights, freedoms, ease and quality of life. A proper ground must be laid so that people from different views and faiths can co-exist and feel love and respect for one another. Ensuring this is the main task of the state.

Besides, we can only talk about a sound country once women and young people take their rightful place in social life with all their freedoms granted. Therefore, it is vitally important that women, the party most oppressed by fanaticism, are given due priority and importance, and raised to the position they deserve in social life and politics: If women are comfortable and peaceful then that community is peaceful. Women's rights should be brought to the forefront and they must be shown deep respect in Egypt. Such freedoms are also a command of the Koran, because Islam prohibits compulsion and repression. Especially harsh rules and practices imposed in the name of religion must be strictly avoided. If the proponents of Morsi were to endorse this understanding of modern Islam, there would be great relief. Developing politics that will take the initiative for the flourishing of the arts, music and science and raising modern, knowledgeable, cultured, clean, morally upright and conscientious generations and the insistent sustenance of these policies are essential.

In conclusion, it is not late for anything. It is not meaningful to blindly force a choked system, aware that it will not deliver any results. What is important is to evaluate incidents from a distance with a rational viewpoint, determine the points of deadlock and open a clean sheet that is full of reasonable solutions.

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