Egypt Protesters Volunteer To Clean Up Streets

Egypt Revolution Becomes Opportunity For National Show Of Volunteerism

Amid the chaos and revolutionary spirit in Egypt today, there is also a growing surge of volunteerism from protesters.

Citing a "new-found pride" and sense of empowerment, those participating in the demonstrations are simultaneously organizing clean-up efforts in the surrounding areas.

One volunteer told the Daily News Egypt about the symbolic nature of his actions.

"We are here cleaning our country Egypt, which is our property and not anyone else's."

Volunteers are devoting their time to washing streets and pathways, picking up trash, and diverting water runoff.

While they clean, some wear signs that say: "To Keep Egypt Clean."


The Jerusalem Post also reported on the giving spirit of Egypt's protesters. Besides clean-up efforts, the Cairo University Hospital has announced an influx of blood donations.

Hospital personnel estimate that over 1,000 people have visited to donate blood since the protests began.

Dr. Gehad El-Ata told the Post that both fellow protesters and other Egyptian citizens are looking to help people injured in the protests because they want to protect their own:

"It's a very Egyptian habit to be beside each other at acute or hard times."

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