Egypt's National Security Threatened By Sorcery: Psychiatrist

Growing superstition among Egyptians is threatening the country's national security, according to one prominent psychiatrist, as reported in Al Arabiya.

Dr Khalil Fadel believes that national security is threatened because it depends on the mental health of the nation.

Al Arabiya reports that Dr Fadel says many Egyptians spend large amounts of money on sorcery and superstition. The money spent has been increasing in the past few years as rates of depression have gone up, he says.

Dr Fadel says that he comes into contact with many people, including highly-educated Egyptians, who originally sought medical attention from sorcerers before turning to his clinic for help.

Two years ago, censor-takers encountered problems when people refused to speak to them out of superstitious fears, the Daily News Egypt reported.

People claiming to be magicians or sorcerers can be arrested in Egypt for fraud.

Last year, Daily News Egypt reported the arrest of a 51-year-old woman who claimed she could cure illnesses using her supernatural powers and potions.

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