Eight Great Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the woman in your life, and freaking out just a bit with only a few shopping days left, stop worrying. The best gifts are stylish, practical, and a little bit techy, and I found a few for you. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your sister or your wife, here are some great gift ideas for all the women on your list.

Echo Spot

What’s the weather, tell me the latest news, how’s my commute? These are all questions multi-tasking women can ask Alexa, the digital voice assistant in Amazon’s Echo products. The latest Echo device, the Echo Spot, is all that, with a small 2.5-inch screen so you can make video calls, see your calendar, or show connected smart home devices like baby monitors and front door cameras. It’s round form factor makes it a perfect size and shape for a bedside table where it doubles as an alarm clock. Just ask Alexa to wake you up to your favorite tunes.

Knomo Backpack

Women are always searching for the perfect bag to carry all their “essential” stuff; wallet, lipstick, keys, plus all the tech we now need to carry; a smartphone, a portable charger, maybe even a small laptop. My perfect bag is the Knomo Mini Beauchamp, a small, stylish backpack with lots of compartments for organizing everything so nothing gets lost at the bottom of the bag. It has a padded section that securely cushions a 10" tablet, plus outside zippered pockets for stashing a phone and other essential items I reach for all the time.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I’m already a huge fan of Dyson’s lightweight vacuums, and now I’ve become a supersonic believer as well. Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer uses heat control technology to dry hair super-fast, meaning less frizz and damage to your hair. The dryer itself is small and lightweight, easy to hold, with well-positioned speed controls. It left my hair smooth and straight; no frizz. For the holidays, the Supersonic comes in a gorgeous purple color with a black case and a free stand. At $399, this dryer is expensive compared to others, but it’s so worth it. Isn’t she?

ThinOPTICS Readers

For the woman who can never seem to find her reading glasses in a restaurant or a store, ThinOPTICS readers are small, flexible, shatterproof readers that fit onto the bridge of her nose, and come in four different reading strengths. They’re super lightweight and slip into a pod case which comes in several colorful designs. Attach the case to the back of a smartphone case and she’ll always have her readers handy. Because no one leaves home without their phone.


While we’re talking about losing things at the bottom of a bag, here’s an idea that keeps the essentials close by. FaceCase attaches to the back of a smartphone and is perfect for quick, easy lipstick touch-ups. Inside the case is lipstick, concealer and powder, (it comes in natural and rich nude shades) with a mirror and room for two credit cards or a driver’s license. Who needs a purse anyway?

SCOTTeVEST Jacket for Women

Another way to carry all the essentials, whether she’s going to work or on vacation, is a SCOTTeVEST Jacket. It is the definition of fashionable and functional, with 23 interior pockets for stashing phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses, even a tablet. It has zip-off sleeves, so she can convert it into a vest in warmer weather and the best gift of all; it’s machine washable. Just make sure she empties all the pockets before it goes in the wash.


Waited until the last minute, or can’t be there in person? A beautiful bouquet of flowers never fails to impress, especially when they come from Flowerbud.com. Order online (by Thursday, 11am PST for Friday delivery) and they ship directly from the grower, overnight shipping included. The flowers arrive in bud form, so she’ll get to watch them open and enjoy the bloom. And think of you.


Here’s one mom or grandma will just love. Take an awesome family photo over the holidays with all the kids and grand kids together, and give her a gift certificate to canvaspop.com. Upload the photo to the site and they’ll turn it into a canvas print she can treasure forever. Or, she can choose a framed picture, a pillow, even photo magnets. Just remember to shoot and send the highest resolution photo you can so she can create a canvas worthy of hanging on the wall.

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