Do You Want To Look Young? Stop Doing These 8 Things To Save Your Skin

Some of the most beautiful women I know are over 40 and all seem to have one thing in common: Dr. David Colbert!
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Some of the most beautiful women I know are over 40 and all seem to have one thing in common: Dr. David Colbert!

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Colbert is known for taking care of some of Hollywood's most beautiful faces, like stunning over-40 beauties Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, and Rachel Weisz. I wanted to know what all these women were doing to look so good, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Colbert. I was shocked by his simple yet powerful prescription for anti-aging. It was not all about injections and fillers as I assumed it would be; instead, Colbert's advice focuses on what women should STOP DOING to slow down the aging process and continue to look their best.

Turns out there are so many things we do every day that age our skin, and by making changes in our daily regimen, we can turn back the clock. Dr. Colbert, who has recently been featured in Vanity Fair and O Magazine, gave GLAM4GOOD his anti-aging secrets that are easy for anyone to take advantage of! To look your best, here are Dr. Colbert's 8 Things To Stop Doing Right Now To Save Your Skin!

1. STOP STANDING IN THE SUN: Buy an umbrella!

Dr. Colbert: Every minute you spend sunbathing, even though it feels great, is slowly unraveling your collagen and elastin fibers. It's like throwing your finest cashmere sweater in the dryer on high-heat. Our skin is a delicate weave of protein threads, much like a fabric. These linear wavy fibers of collagen+elastin keep the skin supple and smooth and soft. Tanning or over-sunning will turn these molecules into shredded wheat. The sun also damages the skin's DNA, leading to skin cancers later in life. This translates into the dreaded trifecta of wrinkles, age spots and sagging. If you are enjoying the summer sun, wear a broad-spectrum mineral sunblock like Physician's UV Defense. And at night after a day at the beach, apply anti-aging facial oil Illumino to seal in moisture while you sleep.

2. STOP EATING SUGAR! Eliminate all the high-fructose (refined sugar) sports drinks and junk foods from your diet!

Dr. Colbert: These are the stealth sugars that make you gain weight and are hidden in many "low fat" diet products. Refined added sugars cause glycation of human tissues. In layman's terms, this means they make molecules more brittle. Think of the top of a crème brulee to envision this process. If the skin and blood vessels are soaked with sugar they become less healthy and they age more rapidly.

A quick read of The High School Reunion Diet, praised by supermodels Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, will steer your diet in the right direction and make it easy to learn to identify and consume anti-aging foods. My favorites are kale, Greek yogurt, almonds, white fish, olive oil and passion fruit. They are loaded with antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory molecules.


Dr. Colbert: Aggressive brushes and too many products strip the skin of natural oils that we need to remain supple and luminous. Adopt a simplified system of daily nutrition for your skin. It's okay to exfoliate a few times a week to maintain brightness. Intensify Facial Discs with pineapple enzyme will do the trick. And a gentle anti-aging cleanser will purify the skin's surface without removing our intrinsic moisture. Always moisturize after you wash.


Dr. Colbert: Contrary to popular belief, dramatic weight loss and too much exercise can really age the face and body. Find a happy medium for sports and dieting. When overdone, these can stress the body and increase cortisol levels, which can lead to a haggard, drawn look. Respect your body type. Jogging or spinning too much can deplete key fat deposits in the face leaving you gaunt and droopy. Read the Kacy Duke Show It Love Workout and you will be on the right track for healthy exercise.


Dr. Colbert: Sleep is a time for the body and skin to heal and soothe and restore. Whenever we skimp on sleep, the first place it shows is in our looks. The skin becomes sallow, and dark under-eye circles appear. Our skin cells need rest as do our muscles. Most people under 60 need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. So to look your best, adopt a soothing night time regimen that reduces stress. Chamomile tea, candle light, light evening exercise, and an early meal will ensure a good night's rest. Sleep is essential for beauty. Apply a rich moisturizer with shea nut butter at night like Heal and Soothe Night.


Dr Colbert: The human body is a sponge. Think of immersing a dried sponge in water. It instantly softens and comes to life. All our tissues including the skin need water to maintain cellular functions. Dehydrated skin loses its resilience and makes us appear older and tired. With adequate amounts of water intake we look and feel better. Drink it all day long. Not only will your skin and eyes look brighter but in addition your muscles and joints will feel better.


Dr. Colbert: Many women would like to turn back the clock 5 to 10 years but are reticent to try lasers or fillers or Botox. Although a healthy lifestyle will pre-empt rapid aging, it isn't always enough to regain your looks from a decade ago. With a skillful combination of technology, one can avoid surgery and do easy lunchtime in-and-out procedures such as Ulthera, Coolsculpting, Botox and Restylane, which result in a markedly more youthful appearance. Hope in a jar is now hope in technology. It's safe, it works and it has stood the test of time.

8. STOP THE RANDOM BEAUTY BUYS: Get an educated skincare regimen instead!

Dr. Colbert: Too often people have a disorganized approach to beauty and skincare and they buy random skincare products that don't work together to produce a desired result. This is based on lack of knowledge of proper skincare and anti-aging. For example, all their products have glycolic acid as an ingredient -- the toner, the lotion, the eye cream, the night cream. This results in too much of one thing. In this case, one would end up dry and red. So instead, seek advice from a dermatologist with expertise on how to combine your favorite products in a sane, safe, simplified system that delivers results. Make a skin to-do list and discuss it with a knowledgeable skincare professional. Too many different products can over-stimulate the skin and cause status cosmetics -- which means the skin can't process so many different molecules and it ends up confused and irritated. A simple approach is always better.

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