8 Ways To Give Your Home A Rustic Look

8 Ways To Give Your Home A Rustic Look
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When it comes to housing style and home décor, we all have different tastes and preferences, but the rustic style of housing is something that is timeless. Both on the outside and inside of houses, the rustic look is beautiful and charming, and not all that hard to create. Here are eight ways that you can help give your home the look and feel of a rustic house.

Cedar Siding
One of the best ways to give your house a rustic look from the outside is cedar siding, or at least imitation cedar siding. Irregularly shaped shingles of the right color give the look of a rustic home in the middle of a wooded area and can be the first step in giving your home the classic rustic look.

This should be obvious, cause nothing says rustic, old cabin like a fireplace. Any fireplace is great, but to create the perfect rustic look you're going to need the right kind of stone and an elevated hearth that will create the perfect location for people to actually gather around the fire when it's roaring.

Rustic Headboard
Using old barn wood, pallet boards, or simply the right kind of lumber and wood stain, you can create a new headboard for your bed that fits the rustic motif. If you're good with tools you may be able to make it yourself, and if you're able to add additional props like an old lantern, your bedroom will immediately take on a more rustic look.

Coffee Table
Your coffee table is key to the décor of your living room, so if you want your home to look rustic, the coffee table must comply. Simply try to find, or build, a coffee table with various shades of wood and patterns moving in different directions. Of course, the older the wood the better, as it'll definitely have the look of a rustic piece of furniture.

Photo Frames
Picture frames can be a great way to create a certain feel or vibe in your home. Almost any kind of wooden frame can be altered to look more rustic, and if you want to take things a step further, place black and white photos in the frame to really give them an old-timey feel.

Decorative Tree Trunks
If you're serious about a rustic home, pick up a couple tree trunks or some rather large logs and bring them inside your house; it doesn't get much more authentic than that. You can place them anywhere, and if you'd like, try to use them for something practical.

Quilted Blankets
A rustic home will have a lot of wood, but it's important to complement that wood with other rustic features, such as quilts and pillow cases that have been hand sewn, or at least look like it. You'll want bright colors that will stand out amongst the wood, as it'll give your home a rustic feel without being too obvious.

Screened-In Porch
Whether it's in the front of the house or the back of the house, a screened-in porch is perfect for creating a more rustic home. If you can, put dark colored, whicker furniture on the porch with vintage designs on any pillows or seat cushions. Lighting on the porch is also important; candles may be best, but the right kind of lamp can also contribute to the rustic look.

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