Einstein Robot 'Albert Hubo' Brings Physicist Back To Life (VIDEO)

The famed physicist Albert Einstein may no longer be living, but his robotic double almost seems to bring the scientist back to life.

The engineers at Hanson Robotics have created a robotic head designed to look like Albert Einstein's and put it on top of the "HUBO" bipedal robotic frame.

The following video demonstrates the intricate facial movements that Hanson Robotics has been able to achieve with "Einstein's" face, giving the robot a surprising range of facial expressions.

The video even pictures Albert Hubo walking surprisingly well by itself, then shows it stopping to have a chat.

Via a voice synthesizer that mimic's the actual Einstein's voice, the robot waves and says, "My name is Albert Einstein. I am a physicist." He repeats this a couple of times before bowing.

The Albert Hubo currently resides at the University of California at San Diego with researchers who are working with the robot to help it emote, perform more realistic facial expressions and interact with humans.

See it for yourself below!