Here's Why Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Is Absolutely 'Perfect' (PODCAST)

A century has passed since Albert Einstein published his seminal paper on general relativity, and scientists are still using this iconic theory to explain the world.

To Dr. Pedro G. Ferreira, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Oxford in England and the author of a new book about relativity, that's not at all surprising. He considers Einstein's theory of general relativity a "perfect" one.

"The theory that he comes up with in 1915, a hundred years ago, is still the theory we work with," Ferreira (right) said in a recent interview with HuffPost's senior science editor, David Freeman. "It’s exactly the theory we work with. pedro ferreiraThere are no modifications... It’s very simple. It’s very elegant—just a simple formula. Yet a hundred years later we’re still trying to figure out what this formula tells us."

Perfect, maybe. But relativity is perplexing for those of us who lack sophisticated mathematical skills. Fortunately, Ferreria, whose book is entitled "The Perfect Theory," is well equipped to explain things--from the thought experiments that fueled Einstein's imagination to the astronomy experiment that proved his theory correct to how scientists since Einstein have put the theory to work.

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