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El Paso Teacher Draws Penis On Student's Assignment, Report Says

"She understands that the drawing was in bad taste."
This wasn't a class in phallic art.
An El Paso, Texas, school teacher drew a penis on a student's assignment but will not lose her job, ABC-7 and reported.
The male student's mother, Sandra Green, who discovered the picture on her son's social media, told the station that Chapin High School language arts teacher Kim Juzdowski admitted to the drawing in a contrite email.
And a spokesman with the El Paso Independent School District told The Huffington Post that she fessed up to school officials. "She understands that the drawing was in bad taste and that it was inappropriate for the type of relationship a teacher should have with a student," spokesman Gustavo Reveles said to HuffPost.

A Chapin High teacher draws a penis on student's assignment

Posted by on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
The spokesman said Juzdowski will remain at the school. Meanwhile, the district will try to accommodate Green's request to have her son transferred, he added. Green said in the news segment above that the district was too lenient with the teacher.
Juzdowski and her attorney declined comment, ABC-7 noted.
According to radio station 93.1 FM, the teacher rendered the explicit doodle "apparently as a comment on what she felt [the student] was doing in class."
This isn't the first case of a teacher's improper artwork. The Providence Journal reported in March that a junior high instructor in Warwick, Rhode Island, scribbled an explicit drawing on a girl's hand back in 2013 and had also written the word "penis." The accusation surfaced after the teacher was charged with assault on another teen.
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