El Pollo Loco Refunds Customer Who Lost $2,200 In Parking Lot

Just because your name translates to “the crazy chicken” doesn’t mean you can’t spot an injustice when you see one.

Upon hearing that customer John Estrella was out $2,200 after he accidentally dropped the cash in a El Pollo Loco parking lot in Manteca, Calif., the restaurant chain has stepped up to refund the money, according to The Consumerist.

Surveillance footage shows that the cash fell out of Estrella's pocket when he stepped out of his truck and the money was quickly scooped up by a greedy bystander who proceeded to go into the restaurant and wait in line directly behind the unsuspecting victim.

Estrella, who had reportedly been saving up to make a down payment on a place to live that was closer to his parents, had taken out the wad of cash to give $10 to a homeless woman, CBS Sacramento reports.

The thief remains at large, but the franchise owner Rafael Armenta Jr. has offered to reimburse Estrella, FOX40 reports.

A voicemail left by The Huffington Post for El Pollo Loco was not immediately returned, but the company emailed the following statement to The Consumerist.

“At El Pollo Loco, the guests come first. It was unfortunate the cash was not returned to [the customer], but we were more than happy to help him out by giving him the money that was lost and of course, a meal on us!”

Indeed, not everyone lives by the “finders, keepers” rule. In April, a Walmart worker returned $20,000 he discovered at the store where he worked. And last November a shopper turned in $11,000 she found at a Marshalls.



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