This Is What Life Looks Like As A Gay, Jewish-Palestinian, Married Couple

As told in hilarious comics from Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini.

Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini are a gay, Jewish-Palestinian, married couple who live in New York City. They’re also both comedians. Needless to say, their personal life is great fodder for their comedy.

Lately, they’ve been channeling all of that into a witty Instagram series illustrated by Jesse Brown. It’s sort of like a serialized New Yorker cartoon featuring two relatable, funny lesbians-in-love.

Together, the comic versions of the “El-Salomons” make light of their unusual, politically interesting union:

And narrowly avoid arguments ahead of date night:

The real-life pair met in the comedy scene in Montreal, where they were both living at the time, and have been together for seven years. Chance didn’t bring them together; a drunk guy did.

“Things got romantic when guys bought us shots and suggested we kiss,” Salomon told HuffPost.

“We obliged like the good Montreal party girls we are, then fell in love immediately and got married like the good lesbians we are,” El-Husseini joked.

“PSA, fellas,” Salomon added. “Sometimes you buy a couple of girls shots hoping to have a threesome and they go off and make a lifelong commitment.”

That serendipitous moment made it into the comic series, of course:

For some of our favorite comics from the El-Salomons, scroll down. For even more of their daily adventures, visit their homepage.

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