Elaine Hendrix AKA 'The Parent Trap' Stepmom-To-Be Threw Shade At Dennis Quaid

We can't stop laughing at this snarky ― and perfectly Meredith Blake ― response to her former co-star's engagement.

Elaine Hendrix, the actress well known for her role as evil stepmom-to-be Meredith Blake in the 1998 version of “The Parent Trap,” had the best response to her former co-star Dennis Quaid’s recent engagement.

“Watch out for those twins,” she quipped on Monday, sending fans of the film into a frenzy.

Hendrix, 48, was commenting on the news that Quaid, 65, would be tying the knot for the fourth time ― this time to girlfriend Laura Savoie, 26, after several months of dating. 

Quaid’s engagement had Twitter abuzz because he’s significantly older than his bride-to-be ― which drew comparisons to his character Nick Parker in “The Parent Trap,” who was substantially older than Hendrix’s Blake (she was supposed to be 26 in the film). 

For those of you who have been woefully remiss and haven’t seen “The Parent Trap,” Quaid plays the father of twins Hallie and Annie ― both portrayed by a young, sans accent Lindsay Lohan. The plot follows the twins’ attempts to break up their father and fiancée Blake so he will get back together with their mother, played by the late Natasha Richardson.

Hallie and Annie push Blake into all sorts of chaos, going so far as to set her adrift on a lake while sleeping at one point. It’s great fun ... for everyone but her.

At any rate, it’s lovely that after more than 20 years, Hendrix still has a sense of humor about that role. And it seems this isn’t the first time she’s flashed back to her “Parent Trap” days.

In response to a meme in 2018 that read “kids today will never know how much we hated this woman” alongside many images of Hendrix as Blake, she quote-tweeted a snarky line from the movie: “I will ship every one of you brats off to Switzerland.”

Ah, Elaine. Never stop tweeting.