ElBloombito: Mayor Bloomberg's Spanglish Twitter Parody (SLIDESHOW)

Hilarious Spanglish Twitterer 'ElBloombito' Spoofs Bloomberg

While everyone appreciates the hard work local officials have put into preparing their constituents for Hurricane Irene, it doesn't mean we can't also have a little fun with them.

To that end, there may be no funnier ongoing commentary on the developments of Hurricane Irene than new twitterer ElBloombito. A Spanglish-speaking parody of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ElBloombito has been updating followers for the last 13 hours on everything they can and should fear about the impending storm. But it's not all linguistically-challenging doom and gloom. ElBloombito also offers encouragement to New Yorkers, who he describes as "el besto personas de la earthador." Indeed!

Check out some of our favorite tweets below.

For the curious, ElBloombito was created by twitterer @Jewyorican.

And in case you were wondering why Bloomberg, why fake-Spanish...
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