Abandoned Dog Spent Months Under A Dumpster, Now He's The Loving Pup He Was Born To Be

Cowboy the dog spent 11 months hiding beneath a dumpster in Compton, California, likely after having been abandoned by his previous family. But now he has a new forwarding address, and it's clear in the video (above) that he couldn't be happier about it.

Although he was terrified of people during his time hiding out, a friendly local fed him daily and, after seeing one of the videos posted by animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, reached out to the group for help.

It took some coaxing to convince Cowboy to come out from under his shelter, but with the help of a hamburger and a few kind words from his rescuers, he eventually did. They then took him back to the Hope For Paws home base.

"After a warm bath, Cowboy's sweet personality started to shine through," the organization writes in the video, where he can also be seen playing with other Hope For Paws housemates and showering affection on his foster mom.

Once Cowboy had regained his strength, the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue group helped him find a forever home, one complete with tiny tires to fetch and pools to jump into and a new family to love. It's clear that he's no longer the shy, scared dog he was when Hope For Paws first found him, but the loving dog he was always meant to be.



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