This Elderly Couple Wore The Cutest 'His And Hers' Rival Baseball Jerseys

A perfect match.

This elderly couple won't let clashing team loyalties get in the way of forever love. 

Carol and Warren Reckmeyer have been married since 1952, Illinois TV station WTVO reported in a previous feature on the couple. Carol has been a huge Giants fan since the team's days in New York. Warren is a Cardinals diehard.

But they work around it. At the Giants-Cardinals game Monday in St. Louis, they were photographed in these oh-so-compatible jerseys:

The Cardinals beat the Giants, 2-1, but we don't think bragging rights will spoil this romance.

Carol told WTVO that the two made a truce over their rivalry and that her husband always gets in the last words: "Yes, Dear."

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