Elderly Couple In Allentown, Pa. Look For 72nd Foster Child (VIDEO)

An elderly couple in Allentown, Pa. are currently searching for their 72nd foster child, reports WFMZ.

Since their own children decided not to have kids of their own, Thomas and Ann Rose decided to look for other children that needed loving homes. Over the past 15 years, they've been able to foster dozens of children.

The Roses are quick to encourage any who can to participate, however Thomas Rose warns prospective parents that it can be challenging.

"Part of your responsibility is to take care of them while you have them, and the giving them up part, while it is hard, it's something you have to do."

Rachel Passhaus of Salvation Army Foster Care and Adoption Program said she appreciates the couple's attitude because of the area's need.

"In the state of Pennsylvania, there's over 27,000 children in foster care, and so every day there's a need for foster families."