Designers Hope To Replace The Much-Hated 'Elderly Crossing' Signs

Ever since they were introduced in 1981, those "Elderly People Crossing" road signs in the U.K. that depict a hunched-over couple have gotten on people’s nerves, reports the Daily Mail and other media outlets. Even Ros Altman, the government's older workers expert, has advocated for the banning of the traffic signs because of their outdated and negative image.

And now somebody is doing something about it. Anna James, founder of Spring Chicken -- a company dedicated to changing the image of aging -- is working with designers at NB Studio to redesign the much-detested road sign that dots roadways.

"The old image lacks energy and vigor and doesn't reflect the mindset of today's older adults," James told The Huffington Post. The old image was designed by children in a competition.

"Today's older adults don't think of themselves as old and infirm. I think there is a way to represent the need for drivers to slow down without suggesting that life is over for older people," she said. Spring Chicken invites people to vote on its website for the new sign design they like best. The winning selections will be presented to the government with the suggestion that they be used as replacements.

"We are about bringing these conversations to the table," James said. "We want to change the image of aging and bring some wit and humor -- and a more accurate reflection of older people -- to these signs."

She added: "Today's older people don't in any way think of themselves as old and infirm."

Well said. Take a look at some of the images below and let us know your favorite in comments.

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