Elderly Man Giving Wife Piggyback Ride Across Busy Street Is True Love

The internet has spoken.

The internet has spoken: This is what true love looks like. This photo above of an elderly man who carried his wife on his back across a busy intersection in Beijing’s Daxing District has gone viral. The Shanghaiist reported that the couple had been walking along the crowded sidewalk, but when they came to the multi-lane street crossing, the woman’s legs were weary. So her husband lifted her up and gave her a piggyback ride across the road. The photo series was met with unabashed love from the internet, the Shanghaiist said.

“Their love can not be surpassed. It is built up over time like a mountain,” commented one netizen. “When I get that old, I hope I will have someone that loves me that much,” wrote another.

But of course there is a cynic in every crowd. “Oooooh so heartwarming, but I’m sure some typical local driver (who will claim he never saw them) will take them out at the next intersection,” posted one commenter. As anyone who has ever attempted to cross a Beijing street will attest, this may not be far from the truth.



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