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How Not To Use The Taco Bell Drive-Thru (PHOTO)


We feel a bit bad laughing about this, but the above picture featuring an elderly woman and her hapless Taco Bell drive thru attendant is too much to handle.

Reddit user TehMoonMaster posted an image Thursday with the title, "Old people and Taco Bell, amirite?" It shows an attendant with one leg out the window as she tries to reach an elderly woman's car, inexplicably parked quite a distance away from where it should.


In the comments, TehMoonMaster offers a few more details:

After the drive thru nonconformist drove off at a blinding (get it?) 3 miles per hour, my lady friend and I asked the drive thru worker if she had to exit the window very often. The girl said only for that old woman, and that we best stay behind her on the road cause "some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive"

We hate to say it, but that attendant may have a point.

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