Have you heard about the 12 year old, who is an entrepreneur selling bow ties? What about the 6 year old who is an entrepreneur as an artist? Or the 21 year old millionaire entrepreneur in real estate? There are so many amazing stories of people entering the world of entrepreneurism at an early age, how wonderful. If only you had thought of pursuing your dream and vision earlier, you could have been great. You always thought it would be time later but with life, families, children and work there just isn't any time to do what you always wanted. I am here to tell you, it is never too late to be an entrepreneur. It is never too late to live your dream, write that book, or open that business. Now is the time...

Being in my forties, (I know I don't look it), I have begun to look at life differently. As we age we should get wiser and better, shouldn't we? I look at life now like why not take a chance? Why not pursue that opportunity? Why not write that book? Why not start that business? Now like I said I didn't always think like that. Most of my peers and people who have grown up in my generation weren't really taught to be entrepreneurs. It wasn't stressed as much as the notion to just get a job. Most of us were taught to get a job with a solid company and to work for them for a number of years and then to retire. Not that anything is wrong with that, but it is if that is not your purpose in life. That life would be very frustrating to Steve Harvey, or Bill Gates. Because they have a different purpose in life, working for IBM would have been deadly to them. Actually it is deadly to a huge number of people who are currently doing that, because they have something greater in them to accomplish. The number of people who go to work every day, to a job they hate, at a place where they are frustrated is alarming. That was me. I knew I had a gift to speak, I knew I was very creative, I knew I had great people skills but I wasn't using them to the fullest, because I felt trapped. I didn't decide to do something about that trap until I entered my 40's. It was so deep rooted in me to stay at a "good job" because I had responsibilities. As I got older I finally realized it was irresponsible of me not to live my best life. It is funny how we demand our children to live the best life for them but then at the same time we don't demand that from ourselves. I have a responsibility to my family to be the best person I can be and to fulfill my purpose.

If you have a venture/business you wish to start but feel you may have passed your time, read these 5 tips:

1) Can't stop thinking about it- If you can't stop thinking about it, then you will not experience true happiness and peace until you do it. A tire is never fully satisfied unless it is on a car. We can roll it, spin it, jump on it, but unless it is put on a car we won't see its full potential. So often we do so many other things except what we are purposed to do. That vision will stay with you your whole life urging you to pursue it.

2) I don't have the time- This is the biggest lie out there. We make time to do anything we want to do. The challenge is to be a master of your time. There are plenty of time thieves around (TV, friends, phones, etc.) so we have to schedule, and be diligent and deliberate with everything we do to maximize our time. At forty most people have children, mortgages, church responsibilities, family, friends, work, etc. So with so much going on a schedule helps you to keep on track and on top of meetings, networking events, phone calls, etc.

3) I am too tired- Let's face it as we get older we hear more and more people saying, "I am so tired". No doubt about it, it will take work to make that dream, vision, business a reality and a success. So you are going to have to throw "I am tired" out of your vocabulary. There will be late nights, early mornings, no sleep, hard work, working weekends, etc. On top of the work that you are already responsible for, but the rewards and joy of being an entrepreneur far outweigh the challenges.

4) I don't know where to start- Next, is the knowledge challenge. Where do I begin? This is where the years of working and resources pays off. Everything your current job has taught you can be used as you venture off into this new arena. All the trainings, meetings, conferences can be used to prepare you for this opportunity. There are so many people that we have met that can be used as resources that can benefit us.

5) Technology- Lastly is technology. What is Periscope? Don't be intimidated by the latest gadgets or media outlets. There is a learning curve for everyone. Jump into them and build just like everyone else is building. The internet, social media, etc. have no age restriction. Use them to the fullest to expand your network.

It is only too late if you believe it is too late, we have tremendous examples from Colonel Sanders (KFC), to Ray Kroc (McDonalds), or Wally Blume (Denali Flavors), among others. They all were late bloomers but didn't let that stop them, and neither should you!!!