Elders Adorably React To Viral Gay Animated Film 'In A Heartbeat'

"This would validate the fact that you're OK."

Is there anything more precious than a tale of young love?

A new video is bringing elders together and videotaping their responses to “In A Heartbeat,” an animated short that went viral after its release in late July.

“In A Heartbeat,” by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, follows a young, teenage boy whose heart literally pops out of his chest in order to chase his classmate Jonathan, whom he has developed a crush on.

The “Elders React” video is an important extension of this project, not only because of the sweet responses of the older people watching “In A Heartbeat,” but also because of the reflections on how they hope this short film will help LGBTQ young people.

“I’m sure there were little boys who felt like that [when I was young] but it was just completely unacceptable,” one woman shares. “That’s when your sexuality starts developing and if you don’t develop it the way other kids are develop[ing], it’s probably a really strange, bad feeling. And this would validate the fact that you’re OK.”

Check out the video above and read more about “In A Heartbeat.”