Eleanor Roosevelt Had A Pistol License -- And The Reason Why Is Pretty Damn Awesome

LOOK: Eleanor Roosevelt's Pistol License -- And The Fascinating Reason She Had It

A pistol license may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think "First Lady," but Eleanor Roosevelt was far from ordinary. Among the historical artifacts housed in the FDR Library, is Mrs. Roosevelt's heat-packing permit. But its the reason why she had such a license that we find fascinating.

According to Slate, it was Roosevelt's desire to travel independently that necessitated her getting certified to carry a gun:

It was Eleanor’s determination to drive her own car that led to her pistol ownership. The Secret Service begged her to take an agent, a police escort, or at least a chauffeur; she refused. The pistol was a compromise: a small bit of protection to put their minds at ease.

She told interested press that she was a "fairly good shot." We totally believe it.

[H/T Retronaut]

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