Election 2010: HuffPost 'Predict The News' Challenge (POLLS)

HuffPost Challenge: Make Your 2010 Election Predictions

Think you're a political guru? Have a crystal ball? Try your hand at predicting the results of the 2010 midterm elections. But be careful because once you submit each vote, there's no going back on it.

After you make a prediction, check out how you stack up with other HuffPost readers and challenge your friends via Facebook and Twitter. You'll earn points for each prediction you make that turns out to be correct.

Feel free to utilize our updated polling data with this Election 2010 Dashboard and the latest election stories here as you make your decisions.

Each poll below will close as the official polls close. Once everything is official, we'll announce the "winner" for who successfully predicts the most outcomes. Good luck!


Whitman (R) vs. Brown (D)
Hickenlooper (D) vs. Maes (R) vs. Tancredo (CP)
Scott (R) vs. Sink (D)
Deal (R) vs. Barnes (D)
Quinn (D) vs. Brady (R)
LePage (R) vs. Mitchell (D)
Erlich (R) vs. O'Malley (D)
Patrick (D) vs. Baker (R) vs. Cahill (I)
Dayton (D) vs. Emmer (R)
Cuomo (D) vs. Paladino (R)
Kasich (R) vs. Strickland (D)
Dudley (R) vs. Kitzhaber (D)
Caprio (D) vs. Robitaille (R) vs. Chaffee (I)
Haley (R) vs. Sheheen (D)
Perry (R) vs. White (D)
Dubie (R) vs. Shumlin (D)


Murkowski (W-I) vs. Miller (R) vs. McAdams (D) (
Boxer (D) vs. Fiorina (R)
Bennet (D) vs. Buck (R)
McMahon (R) vs. Blumenthal (D)
O'Donnell (R) vs. Coons (D)
Rubio (R) vs. Crist (I) vs. Meek (D)
Giannoulias (D) vs. Kirk (R)
Paul (R) vs. Conway (D)
Vitter (R) vs. Melancon (D)
Blunt (R) vs. Carnahan (D)
Reid (D) vs. Angle (R)
Ayotte (R) vs. Hodes (D)
Burr (R) vs. Marshall (D)
Sestak (D) vs. Toomey (R)
Murray (D) vs. Rossi (R)
Manchin (D) vs. Raese (R)
Feingold (D) vs. Johnson (R)

How many House seats will the Republicans gain? (PREDICT!)

How many Senate seats will the Republicans gain? (PREDICT!)

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