Election 2012 'Test Of Fire' Catholic Voter Video Goes Viral

Catholic Voter Video Goes Viral

A video produced by a conservative Florida-based Catholic organization that calls on the flock to vote against politicians who favor same-sex marriage and abortion rights has gone viral with more than 355,000 views on YouTube.

"Test of Fire," which shows of an iron worker casting pieces that say "jobs," "taxes," and "energy" with daunting music in the background, tells viewers that some politicians' policies are negotiable but that those which would legalize same-sex marriage or support the inclusion of contraception coverage in religious institutions' insurance plans are dealbreakers.

"In generations past, the church has always been able to count on the faithful to stand up and protect her sacred rights and duties. This generation of Catholics must do the same," says the video, which also shows a presumably Catholic woman voting.

While the video, produced by nonprofit Catholics Called to Witness, steers clear of telling viewers what candidates to vote for in November, the website for the organization includes links to statements from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that criticize President Barack Obama's administration for its controversial move to require that employers' health insurance plans to provide contraception coverage.

Catholic bishops has fought against the requirement, which exempts plans provided to employees of houses of worship but in its original version did not exempt those of religious institutions such as Catholic schools and hospitals. President Obama later broadened the exemption to shift the cost of contraception coverage to insurers in cases where a religiously affiliated employer has a moral objection, but Catholic bishops have said that the adjustment still violates their religious beliefs.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 10.

The website for Catholics Called to Witness says its headed by a three-person team of Manuel D. Gonzalez, a physician in the Fort Lauderdale area, his wife Adriana Gonzalez and Al Silva, the Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Council 13045, which meets at St. Mark Catholic Church in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

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