Election 2016 Facebook Breakups: So NOT about “Politics”

Election 2016 was rough on anyone with critical thinking skills and a working knowledge of U.S. and World History. It divided our already divided country even more. As usual, this division is most evident on Mark Zuckerberg’s brain sucking site. People, including me, are unfriending some of their most vocal Trump supporting “friends.” Others are admonishing them for doing so. They are asking them, “Can you really just give up on a friendship over politics? Can you really just stop liking someone because of a difference of opinions?”

Yes. Yes, I can. And so can anyone who cares about people and their personal rights. Anyone who thinks people should be able to love and marry who they want. Or practice whatever religion they want. Or make personal medical decisions without threats. These things are not political opinions.

Election 2016 was not about politics. It wasn’t just about Conservatives wanting lower taxes and Liberals wanting to fund more social programs. It was not about military funding, school lunches, or education. Those would be political issues.

No. Election 2016 was about demonizing Muslims. And transgendered people. And gay people, unless such gayness is just hot lesbian porn starring the new First Lady. Lesbian porn is OK. Gay marriage is not. See the difference? No? Me, either. This election was about double standards.

This election was also about making sexism and sexual assault A-OK. After all, it is perfectly fine for someone to just grab your genitals as long as that someone is a rich white man. It’s just boys being boys. Locker room talk on a bus. Perhaps YOU wore a short skirt or were a bit drunk. No biggie.

Election 2016 was about swaying people’s opinions using all means possible. I’m not talking about posting numerous biased “articles” and memes. That would still be somewhat normal. It was about threatening people at the polls, with actual guns. Making people feel unsafe is not political or patriotic. It is psychopathic.

My friend was followed around a grocery store by someone in a Trump shirt on Monday. He had seen the Hillary sticker on her car, so he felt it was his duty to change her. He followed her up and down aisles, badgering her about her desire to vote for “Killary.” What was he expecting out of this craziness? Maybe he thought she would stop, in front of the pinto beans, and say, “You are so right. I’ve been an idiot my whole life. Of course I will vote for a crass moron with no political experience.”

So, yes. It is perfectly fine to be friends with people who share your values. It is fine to choose love over hate and freedom over oppression. There is no shame in making boundaries and sticking with them. And there is definitely no shame in speaking out when you are threatened or assaulted. It is time to call people on their shitty actions. It is not rude to speak up.

Congratulations, Murica. You got your way. You are making American prejudiced again. Be careful what you wish for and vote for.

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