Election Bottom Line: Civility And Competence vs. Incivility And Hubris

In large part, voting for the next President of the United States comes down to a choice between civility and competence as opposed to incivility and hubris. Despite constant efforts by some in the media to paint Clinton with the same "mean" brush as Trump, to describe the last several months as "divisive" as if she is as much to blame as her opponent, they are vastly different people.

When you're up against a bully, cowering doesn't work. And so there had to be some anger expressed. Yet, as promised, when Trump went low (as he so often did), her campaign endeavored to go high.

Why? Because true leadership is not cowardly. It is also not demeaning and uncivilized. She showed herself to be a true, effective leader during her life and in this campaign.

They couldn't go after her for being a weak woman and gain any traction. They tried to portray her as disliked, especially by women, but that didn't pan out. She made it through an excruciating and exhausting investigation into her email decisions and still came up fine. When none of this worked, some in the FBI threw an "October surprise" monkey wrench into the works to stop her. When they couldn't make that stick, she did not use the last two days before the election to disparage them because she knows this election is not about her as much as it is about us -- and about the world we'll live in.

Hillary Clinton is not a narcissist. She is not bigoted. She is not hateful. She is bright, thoughtful, optimistic, strong and presidential. She is truly a class act.

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