Election-Themed Coloring Book Is About As Meditative As We're Gonna Get

Coloring may just be the only way to get that screaming Trump voice in your brain to shut the hell up.

How many state senators can you name? OK, besides Bernie Sanders. And Elizabeth Warren. Class? Anyone?

We understand your political brain has been fried by all the presidential nastiness lately, but if you’re shocked and appalled by your personal lack of mastery regarding leaders at the state level, Special Committee has got you covered. 

Special Committee is a team of game designers, graphic artists, educators and researchers, compiled by Kickstarter, who are joining forces to find unusual and creative ways to spice up civic engagement.

For example, when the Committee learned that 77 percent of survey respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 could not name even one of their home state senators in a widespread millennial poll, they got to work. 

“Election Coloring Book” is a meditative and informative way to learn more about your local legislators while getting into the zen mode of adult coloring.

There is probably no other way to mellow out your debate-addled brain while also learning that Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) was a former farmer and music teacher or Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) collects colorful hats. (She has several hundred of them!) 

We have many a time praised the benefits of a good coloring session ― the combination of childhood nostalgia and stress-free creative expression really cannot be beat. The soothing pastime is just what America needs right now as the final days of the election are just barely visible in the distance. 

You can download your very own election coloring book by following the link. Then simply print and color away. Share your masterpieces online with the hashtag #SpecialCommittee to spread the good word. 

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