Election Drinking Game 2010: Take A Sip When You See...

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HUFFPOST HILL ELECTION NIGHT DRINKING GAME - Take a sip every time you hear or see any of the following:

• A hologram.
• "Narrative."
• That awkward pause at the beginning of the hour when they're about to call a race(s) but mistimed the graphics.
• "Would you have thought that just X months ago we'd be here talking about Y?"
• "Wave."
• "1994."
• Stirring orchestral intros and outros.
• A Fox News pundit/anchor tying an obscure House race result to Iran policy.
• "Referendum."
• "This isn't about me."
• "Tonight we start to take America back."
• "Disconnect."
• "Let's go to the map."
• Any and all missed cues.
• "Thanks, Chuck."
• "Tsunami."
• "Speaker Boehner."
• "Looking ahead."
• Overwhelmed TV correspondents who can't hear the anchor over the din of the election party they're covering.
• "Pocketbook."
• Bill Bennett looking pleased-as-punch.
• "Stayed at home."
• "Well, [Anchor's name], voters sent a message loud and clear tonight."
• "Hard-fought."
• Contradictory turnout reports within 30 minutes of one another.
• "Day of reckoning."
• Any time Wolf Blitzer continues to talk past the point when the average human being would need to take an in-breath.
• If you look in the mirror and see a Democrat.