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Election Stress? 2 Survival Tips

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Are you ready to axe it all? When will this nerve-wracking hype be over? And after the big day, will the stress be gone?

What to do...?

The other morning when my husband was chopping firewood, I remembered the Zen saying:

Chop wood, carry water.
Before Enlightenment, Chop wood, carry water.
After Enlightenment, Chop wood, carry water.

Loosely "translated," that means: whatever the heck is going on around you, be your true self and do what's in front of you.

So here are my two tips:

  1. Before Election: Chop wood, carry water.
  2. After Election: Chop wood, carry water.


  1. Today: do what's in front of you. Do your usual tasks with intention, clarity, focus. If that includes contacting someone to encourage them to vote or let them know you'll be happy to drive them to the voting place, do it. Decide what time tomorrow you will vote your conscience.
  2. Wednesday and days after: do what's in front of you. Breathe often. Make time to sit quietly. Do your tasks, usual and maybe unusual.

The leaves here are now at peak. Many have already fallen, nourishing the ground for the next season. Rhythms of life going on, even as I type these words.

I send you warm greetings from New Haven in this time of intense color.