How The Political System Is Screwing Young People, According To This Advocacy Group

"This is the first American generation expected to be worse off economically than previous generations."

With the country bogged down by mass incarceration, institutionalized racism, student debt and a rigged election system that favors wealthy donors, young Americans are "getting screwed," says Ben Brown, the founder and CEO of the Association of Young Americans.

But the political system needs them, as Brown told HuffPost Rise: this is the first election where we'll see more eligible millennial voters than Baby Boomer voters. Brown fears that after Nov. 8, "the sad truth" will reassert itself: "we'll all turn away from politics and simply go back to our lives."

To try to combat that, Brown has set out to lobby on behalf of young people. In the video above, watch him explain why we need "to hold those we elect accountable and focused on creating the future we want."

This video was produced by Alex Kushneir. 



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