Elections Have Consequences

We have some big choices in front of us. And I cannot remember an election where so many of them were this clear. Or where so many of them were between a man who wanted to control my body and a woman who understands that my ovaries don't mean I'm incapable of that autonomy. On issue after issue it is clear we have two opposing views of the world. One which believes in personal freedom and balance, the other which offers a dark, dank view of the future and which seeks to control us with fear and loathing.

Just such a difference was clear at a debate between two Pennsylvania State House candidates in the 158th district last week. Full disclosure, I'm acting as Campaign Manager for one.

Throughout the debate it was clear to me that the man running had no respect for me or my ability to make decisions for myself. He was pompous and seemingly ignorant of both the law and science. He made statements that were blatantly false and promises he could never keep. He showed an amazing lack of math skills or understanding of economics when he talked about the massive programs he would support while somehow magically gutting the government he claims is bad, inefficient and which he would not fund.

His words and attitude seemed to mirror the man he refused to admit he would support or vote for, the man his party thought was competent to be leader of the free world, the man who said he would murder innocent women and children. The man who said he would force our troops to illegally use torture. The man who said he doesn't understand why we can't use nuclear weapons.

I don't understand why Eric Roe refused to state if he would support this man who also doesn't seem to understand math and science when they seem to agree on so many issues. It is almost as if he is trying to hide it from voters. The same way he seems to be trying to hide his real address for the last 10 years and which allegedly disqualifies him from even being on the ballot.

On the other hand, we have a woman running who has shown her integrity and professionalism year after year. She has stood up to false statements and attempts to spread false attacks on her character.

Elections have consequences. And tomorrow, I'm asking you to vote for Susan Rzucidlo. Because she will stand for us, not partisan ideology. She understands that compromise is not a dirty word and sometimes you have to do what is hard, because it is also what is right. She isn't going to promise programs without funding. In fact, Susan has already identified millions of dollars that she will use to fund education so we can see true property tax relief. Susan has also proposed a way to provide for our Seniors, Disabled and Veterans', to protect them and provide the dignity and respectful care they deserve.

Her opponent not only fails to provide a single statement on how he would fund these, he isn't even willing to say who he supports for President.

If Eric Roe doesn't have the courage to stand for us now, how will he ever do so in Harrisburg?
Lisa Longo, Treasurer, Chester County Democratic Party and Campaign Manager for Susan Rzucidlo