Elections Have Consequences - Part 2

Well, the purists on both the far right and the far left are having a party online today. Celebrating keeping the woman they love to hate out of the White House. Never mind that they allowed a bigoted, ignorant, racist, homophobic, arrogant prick to be elected. Let's all just ignore that, they kept the woman out who said something about gay marriage they didn't like 12 years ago. Yay for them!

Forget that we may lose our right to choice, our voting rights, our freedom of speech, healthcare protections, Social Security and public education along with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None of that matters against this simple purity test these two groups seem so in love with. Hillary once took money for speeches, oh no. Hillary once supported fracking, how terrible. She was for the TPP before she was against it, how horrible. She dared to say what she thought and it was different from what you thought, boohoo. You'll show her, you'll put a lunatic in the White House and his fanatic sidekick too.

Well, now you've handed all three branches of government to fanatics and the lunatic fringe. But at least you "feel" good about it. And that is so much more important than having a rational human being lead the free world. Note sarcasm.

But she did something with emails and Benghazi and there were all those rumors and innuendo. Seriously? You are going to want to back away from your keyboard because I am about to unleash a load of truth on you. Hillary Clinton sent email from a secure server similar to that which was used by two previous Secretaries of State due to technology deficiencies caused by lack of funding thanks to (say it with me), "small government less tax" nonsense pushed by the far right cons at the bidding of their dark money masters. And the fact that they managed to convince you that was worse than electing a fascist who is going to move trillions back into the private dark sponsor economy with trickle down voodoo bullshit while they gut programs for working poor and middle class, indenture our students and mortgage our futures while foreclosing on our homes is pretty incredibly stunningly stupid.

But never mind all that, you just "feel" good, because you "just didn't like her" and "you aren't sure you trust her". You have no reason for either, and let's be frank, the Presidential election is not the Miss Congeniality contest in Trump's archaic excuse for him to watch women get changed. You liking her was never part of the qualifications for her to be President of these United States.

Now you get to enjoy four years of union-busting, billions to corporate welfare, nothing for human welfare, warfare lots of that, cuts to education, privatization of everything they can sell, all sorts of fun and games. Oh, and climate denial. Loss of the Supreme Court, likely passage of the TPP, because you know Trump and his boys were bullshitting you all on being against that. Lots of pipelines will be getting approved. Gutting Clean Air act, again.

And just wait for the recession, it is going to be a doozy. But you and the other purists can all "feel" good because you kept out the woman who said something you didn't like in 1996. Yup, that good old purity test. Exactly how many people in the world agree with you on everything and measure up to your specific values every time? Yeah, betting not many. But okay, let's run the world that way, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, we could elect a fascist bigot ignorant scumbag who wants to murder innocent women and children and doesn't understand why we can't use nuclear weapons and who wants to overturn gay marriage and a woman's right to choose instead of the woman who was going to protect those rights because she said something in 2004 you didn't like.

Well, boohoo. Thanks for all the fascism.