Electric Cars: Saving You Money And Protecting Our Planet

Electric Cars: Saving You Money And Protecting Our Planet
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Everything is precious. Our rights, our lives, our resources. Sadly, everything can end. For instance, the incoming presidential administration dropped a bomb on the campaign trail - they deny climate change exists. Unfortunately it is real; however, we can help ease the nightmare of the demise of our planet's resources. Let's exercise our rights to protest through information. And entertainment.

I recently got an electric car. There are some myths about electric vehicles that I can dispel. First, the cost. My lease payment on my Fiat 500 is $200 per month. My previous Fiat, gas-powered, was $240. Second, I no longer buy gas. I save about $50 per month not buying gas - that is $600 per year. The cost of my auto insurance went down. Plus, I got a $2500 rebate from the State of California when I leased the car.

Second, it's easy to find a place to charge. Charging stations for my car are abundant and free. You can't swing a cat in California without hitting a charging station. (I'm not advocating cat swinging.) When my battery is low, I drive a block, stick my car on the teat of a Charge Point and in a couple of hours, the belly of my beast is full.

I park at meters in certain cities for free. I invite more towns to offer this.

Even when I'm the only occupant in my car, I can drive in the carpool lane. Traffic in Los Angeles isn't a myth so this perk is priceless.

I'm a U.S. Marine, trained to protect and defend America against enemies both foreign and domestic. I enlisted comedians Scott Silverman & Jim Short to help get the word out. Scott's brand is cars and their drivers, and Jim directs when he's not on tour performing. We wrote and shot this video about electric car Range Anxiety - the easiest disorder to remedy.

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Please consider enriching your life, saving money and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by buying an electric car. Together, we will use our power to convince Trump that America is already great. It's our right to protect our natural resources and keep America great.

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