Elegant, Seemingly Effortless Hair Takes Red Carpet at Golden Globes

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There are few events so beautifully elegant in the entertainment industry as the Golden Globe Awards. George and Amal Clooney were exemplary: him in a perfect, unadorned tuxedo with salt-and-pepper hair, his wife in elbow-length white gloves and black gown to complement the gentle, exquisite waves of her long black hair.

The Beverly Hilton was the setting for this cornerstone event of the film and television industry and the red carpet was aglitter with gowns and more than a few styles incorporating pulled-back hair that was clean, neat and very classy.

Katie Holmes, who has often done long waves, was in a neat, slick ponytail, proving again that this style has become one of the most versatile ever. Jennifer Aniston wore hers pulled back in a knot that was just as clean and neat, keeping with the trend toward simpler, but elegant cuts and styles that let eyes and lips shine.

Taylor Swift had her bangs pulled away from her face. Kate Hudson had her hair pulled back with caramel highlights. Sienna Miller wore a layered bob with a slight wave... it feels like we're moving away from hair with lots of defined curls. Again, this soft, effortless elegance appears to be trending.

The men, like Clooney, were equally elegant with their cuts. We're seeing lots of different styles among the men. A lot of the cuts are shorter, tight on the sides, longer on top like David Spade's, some a bit spiked or mussed on top like Justin Theroux's, but still sophisticated and sharp.

There is a certain effortlessness about many of the cuts among both men and women. That's part of the simple, quiet elegance they express. I love this. It has that natural look that is so popular now. Pixies, like ponytails, remain a consistent, versatile winner, as evidenced by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Of course, we're always delighted by the exception. Kelly Osbourne, actress, designer, singer and anything else she wants to be, did elegance differently with the softest of mohawks in pale lavender, taking snaps of gazers with a gemmed-out camera.

As always, be open to change.