Element Magazine Releases Sexy Photo Campaign For World AIDS Day

As we recognize, celebrate and remember during this year's World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, Element Magazine is attempting to enhance visibility surrounding HIV/AIDS awareness through this highly-visual photo campaign.

Involving nine asian male models that identify as both gay and straight, including popular fitness model Jason Chee, the photo campaign consists of portraits of hot, naked men with tapes bearing important messages minimally covering their bodies.

“This had been one of the most ambitious shoots we have done so far in Element Magazine," said Hiro Mizuhara, the creative mind behind the awareness campaign, in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post. "We hope our readers can enjoy the images and assimilate the messages we wanted to bring across."

The photos will be printed on postcards for sale to raise funds for AFA (Action For AIDS) in Singapore and will also be published in the fifth issue of the magazine.

Check out a sampling of the photos in the slideshow below. For more information on Element Magazine, check out the publication's website.

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Element Magazine World AIDS Day