Elephant Gets Bitten By Crocodile, Shakes Animal Off (VIDEO)


This certainly isn't something you'd expect to occur when you go for a drink of water.

This video from The Telegraph shows what happens when you try to mess with a mother elephant when she's with her young.

Shot by tourists in Botswana's Chobe National Park, the video shows a lurking crocodile who decides to latch on to the mother elephant's trunk as she goes for a drink of water. After shaking the croc around and breaking free, the mother leaves with her young.

Chobe National Park is a popular spot among tourists. With 120,000 elephants in the park, it is the largest concentration of the animal on the planet.

Other elephants have recently had trunk issues as well. A baby elephant at a zoo in England seemed to be confused by its own trunk while taking some of its first steps.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced his role in a new campaign to protect the world's elephants from poachers.

WATCH the video, courtesy of The Telegraph (WARNING -- Disturbing Footage):


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