Elephant Falls Into Ditch At Tea Plantation In India, Rescued By Excavator And Locals (VIDEO)

WATCH: Elephant's Awesome Rescue After It Falls Into Ditch

This elephant tumbled into a hole while walking in a tea plantation in India, according to the video.

The animal struggles to get off its back to no avail, as a crowd gathers and attempts to help.

In what appears to be a last-ditch effort, some locals bring in an excavator to dig out the elephant and give it a few friendly pushes.

The good news: The elephant walks away seemingly unharmed. The bad news: The whole ordeal might have bruised its ego.

The Telegraph reported on a similar incident in 2010. Officials say "widespread deforestation has led the animals to stray to human settlements in search of food," the organization reports.

Not much is known about the elephant's whereabouts; we're just glad to see the video has a happy ending.

(Found via Unique Daily)

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