Elephant vs. Lion At A Well In South Africa Is Comedy Gold

The wildlife encounter played out like slapstick, with the perfect ending.

An elephant and a lion engaged in a comical standoff recently at a well in South Africa before the plucky pachyderm provided the punch line. (Watch the video below.)

In a video posted by the wildlife platform Latest Sightings, a lion was lounging by the well at the Balule Game Reserve when an elephant approached, bringing the lion to attention. The elephant began to dip its trunk in the well and drink.

And in the wait-for-it-moment ...

... the great beast used its trunk to flick water at the lion, which skedaddled into the bush.

The elephant let out a hilariously triumphant roar as it trailed the lion offscreen in footage from an Africam trail camera shared by Aidan Rademeyer. The elephant retreated slightly at the roar of an unseen lion, and the clip ended there.

“The lioness and elephant both went about their day, perhaps with a newfound respect for each other,” Latest Sightings wrote.

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