World's First Elephant Selfie Ensures We'll Never Forget This Moment


Latabe the elephant, a resident of West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestshire, England, has been credited with taking the very first "elfie" -- i.e., elephant selfie, the BBC reported Thursday.

Scott Brierley, 23, was taking pictures inside the park when he accidentally dropped his phone out of his car window. Park officials told Brierley to stay in his car, but in the meantime, Latabe, 22, touched the screen with his trunk.

elephant selfie

"I think he thought it was food," Brierley said, according to the Express.

When park staff returned Brierley's phone to him, he found two photos of the elephant, though "the second isn't very good."

"Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park, but I've never seen anything like this," said head park keeper Andy Plumb. "What a picture, we're very proud of Latabe."

However, some elfie truthers deny that the image was as unplanned as Brierley claims. On Gawker, commenter LoveandPie speculated, You know he took 20 different pictures trying to get the right angle and deleted the right. He just wanted it to LOOK like an accident, like he looks that good all the time. IT'S ALL A LIE!!!'

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